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🔴 ISCRIZIONI APERTE anno accademico 2021/22🔴 Dal 1° settembre la sede di Via Inverigo sarà di nuovo operativa e pronta ad organizzare tutti i corsi on-site e on-line del nuovo anno accademico!  Per i CORSI INGLESE DI GRUPPO ON-SITE  (Bambini – Ragazzi – Adulti) dal 1° ottobre saranno attivati solo  “SMALL […]

Only “Small Groups” 2021

Uno “stargate” che unisce due città a 600 Km di distanza Possono guardarsi, interagire tra loro e comprendere che, nonostante tutto, siamo tutti uguali, da una parte e dall’altra: Vilnius, in Lituania, e Lublino, in Polonia, sono ora “collegate” da un portale tecnologico. Uno schermo che, per certi versi, ricorda […]

Discover places #06

Sam Wilmot – Chi è? Questo ragazzo nel tempo libero scrive recensioni di panchine in giro per il Regno Unito Siete in vacanza nel Regno Unito e non sapete dove sedervi a riposare un po’? Quest’uomo potrebbe avere la panchina giusta per voi. Sam Wilmot è un 23enne di Yate, Bristol […]

Funny & Strange #2

Classic Fish & Chips Ingredients about 1 litre sunflower oil, for frying 2 thick skinless fillets of whiting, ling, pollock, haddock or cod (about 150g each) For the chips 2 large Maris Piper potatoes 1 tsp malt vinegar, plus extra to serve For the batter 75g self-raising flour, plus extra for dusting 25g cornflour small pinch of ground turmeric 125g cold lager or […]

“Cooking Time #2”

“Cheese Rolling Competition“ This is definitely one of the more interesting and unique facts about England. The first written evidence is a message from 1826, but it’s said that the cheese roll tradition is way older than that. Nowadays even international visitors can take part in this fascinating event. […]

Funny & Strange #1

“Bamburgh Castle“ Perched on an outcrop overlooking the Northumberland Coast, Bamburgh Castle started life as an Anglo-Saxon citadel and has a rich and varied history. The mighty keep dates back to just after the Norman invasion, while it acted as a royal palace for numerous kings in the centuries that followed. Bamburgh […]

Discover places #05

“Hever Castle” With a history spanning more than 700 years, Hever Castle was the childhood home of Henry VIII’s second wife, Anne Boleyn. Initially a moated defensive castle dating back to 1270, this romantic setting is packed full of Tudor portraits and tapestries, and features fine views out over Hever Lake. Set […]

Discover places #04

“St Clement’s pie” Ingredients For the crust 250g light digestive biscuit 100g cornflake 85g butter , melted 140g caster sugar For the filling 1 large egg  plus 4 large egg yolks 397g can light condensed milk zest and juice 3 lemons zest and juice 2 oranges For the topping 150ml pot extra-thick double cream 100g 0% fat Greek yogurt […]

Cooking Time #1